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TechUnwreck: Jet City Device Repair's New Brand

Jet City Device Repair started in 2008 with a focus on fixing cell phones in a retail environment. The business grew steadily and more products added - including the iPad in 2011. Soon schools from all over the United States began requesting iPad repairs. That business grew steadily and, in late 2014, we rented a warehouse space in downtown Chicago dedicated specifically to this bulk, mail-in, repair business (which now included Chromebook repairs as well as iPads). That entire process happened under the JCD brand. That brand and website continued to focus on the retail experience for smartphones & tablets and had little information for schools (or businesses) looking for bulk repairs.

Different Brand, Same Great Business

In mid-2020 we decided to build an entire new brand and website around the bulk repair business. We're excited to introduce: TechUnwreck. A few important things to know about this new brand:Division of Jet City Device Repair

  1. This is a new brand but not a new company. We have the same great people working for us and solid foundation.

  2. The JCD business philosophy remains: take great care of employees and they will create happy customers; happy customers make a successful business.

  3. Our values remain unchanged. These values helped us create a 5-star business in the retail space and we think they are important to any successful business.

    • Honesty & transparency through great communication at all levels.

    • Building great teams.

    • Empowerment.

    • Curiosity & learning.

    • High-quality performance.

    • Hard work.

    • Accountability.

    • The Environment.

What's different about TechUnwreck?

While we will continue to follow the philosophy & values of Jet City Device Repair, there are some key differences between the two business. In particular, fixing 10, 20, or 100 devices for a school through the mail is much different than fixing a single iPhone for a person walking into one of our retail stores.

  • The physical space required is much greater.

  • Device management is a lot harder.

  • Inventory management is a more complicated because of the number & variety of Chromebook models.

  • Billing is more complicated because we allow Net 30 invoicing and a variety of different payment options.

  • Shipping devices is more complex than having someone walk into a store.

  • Customer service is more challenging because we don't get to see the customer face-to-face.

Because of these difference (and more), TechUnwreck is housed in a 4000 sq. ft. warehouse space instead of a 700 sq. ft. retail space (like JCD's retail stores). There are several other key differences:

  • A dedicated shipping & receiving person to process & diagnose incoming devices.

  • Much more detailed device management system.

  • Completely different (and more complex) inventory ordering & management system.

  • Different vendors to supply parts.

  • Much more expansive & sophisticated technician work stations.

Device Repair Made Easy

TechUnwreck, like JCD Repair, has a serious focus on making things as simple as possible for customers. In the retail space this has always meant transparent billing, same-day appointment scheduling, walk-ins accepted, stocking parts for fast turnaround time, and more.

We've adopted some of those techniques for TechUnwreck but also made changes to ensure things are as easy as possible for technology administrators:

  1. A lot of effort into designing a full-service shipping solution to make packing & mailing devices easy.

  2. 5-second diagnostic slip for each device you send in. No long forms to fill out.

  3. No contracts required - unless you want or need them. We believe that if our service isn't good enough, you should be able to switch at any time.

  4. A variety of billing & payment option.

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