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Our Story

The origins of TechUnwreck go back to 2007 when our founder was fixing phones in his basement as a small side project. In 2008 that side project became a real business called Jet City Device Repair - they now have 3 retail stores. You can see the history of JCD Repair by visiting its About Us page.

In 2012 schools began approaching JCD about fixing their broken iPads. This business grew and by 2014 it was overwhelming the retail stores, so we decided to rent a dedicated space to handle these repairs - primarily for schools but a growing number of businesses, too. We added Chromebooks to our repair offering in 2016 and the business has continued to climb steadily. All of this done under the Jet City Device Repair brand.

Since this B2B service is significantly different than what we offer B2C customers through Jet City, we decided it was time to build a website dedicated solely to this bulk, nationwide, mail-in repair business. So in January of 2021, we launched TechUnwreck.


Our Mission

Be the best and most trusted mail-in device repair company for schools, businesses, and government.

Accomplishing this mission starts with hiring great people and training them well. Up next is finding reliable vendors and building a great inventory management system (we stock parts for our most common repairs). With this accomplished we've been able to provide fast, quality repairs at a good price. But for us that's just the starting point.

We also want to make device repair extremely easy for our customers. That means building great systems: software, shipping & receiving, device flow, etc. It also means developing good communication with customers. We have made great strides in all of these things and continue to constantly improve. For example, in early 2018, we could handle about 75-100 devices per week. By the end of 2020 we could fix 3 times that number, and by the spring of 2023 we fully expect to be fixing X devices per week.

Our Philosophy

This company was founded on the idea that it could do good for its employees, customers, and investors - in that order. We believe that if your employees enjoy the work they do, they'll create happy customers, and happy customers will lead to a solid bottom line.


We try to live that ethos by being an industry leader in employee compensation and treating our employees with respect. We don't micromanage them but, rather, we hire smart, motivated people, train them well, and then set them loose.


Has it Worked? We Think So.

Our first employee joined JCD in 2010. Today JCD & TechUnwreck have 3 retail locations, a mail-in repair depot, and 18 employees.

We paid our first employee $12/hr with no benefits. It was all we could afford at the time. As our business has grown and succeeded, we've raised that compensation. Today most technicians make $20+ per hour, we have health & dental insurance, offer paid vacation & sick time, and offer an IRA with a 3% match that vests instantly.

Many of our technicians and managers have been with us for years.

We've fixed over 300,000 devices as a company. Wow!

Our customers rave about our service. Both our in-person retail stores (see here) and the schools & businesses we work with (see here).

The future looks bright for us because we believe in our people.

Our Values

Our company values provide a guiding light for hard decisions and give us a higher-level metric of success.

  1. Honesty and transparency.

  2. Building great teams.

  3. Empowerment.

  4. Curiosity and learning.

  5. High-quality performance.

  6. Hard work.

  7. Accountability.

  8. The environment.

Having this set of values helps us answer the tough questions as a company. It also helps us hire and evaluate our people to make sure everyone is living up to these standards. Lastly, it means you get to work with a company that you can trust.

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