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Lifetime Warranty Details

We have always offered an industry leading warranty on our repairs. Most repairs include a lifetime guarantee! If your device ever stops working because of parts quality or workmanship, we'll fix it again at no charge. And no charge means: no charge for the repair, parts, or shipping. It's completely free for you.

You Likely Won't Need It


To be clear, there's a very good chance you will not need our warranty - ever. We have built partnerships with a number of great vendors both overseas and in the USA. We've worked with many of these vendors for years because they provide high-quality parts in a timely manner at a good price.

That said, we fix about 1,000 devices per month and once in awhile something goes wrong. Maybe it's a bad part or a connector doesn't get put all the way into place. It's very rare but it does happen.

And if it does happen, you don't have to worry. We will take care of it at no cost to you!

It's Easy

Our tagline is:

"Device Repair Made Easy"

To that end, we make our warranty (RMA) process simple:

  1. You tell us there was an issue.

  2. We send you the necessary shipping supplies & pre-paid label (if you don't already have them).

  3. You send it to us.

  4. We fix it and send it back.

  5. You don't pay anything.

Again, it's rare that this ever happens but when it does, we make it simple for you.


Open & honest communication is one of our core values, so we want to communicate the fine print in an easy to find and understand way.

  1. Our lifetime warranty does not include new damage. If you break the screen again or drop the device in the bathtub, you'll have to pay for a new repair.

  2. The warranty is limited to the repair done. For example, if we fix the screen on your device and 18 months later the keyboard stops working, that would require a second, paid repair.

  3. Battery replacements are limited to 1-year. This is because of physics. Lithium-Ion batteries generally start losing their ability to hold a charge after about a year and have significant degradation in 18-24 months. That means a perfectly good battery will likely need to be replaced in 1-3 years (battery life is highly dependent on usage, so it's hard to put a definite lifespan on a battery).

  4. Motherboard repairs are limited to 180 days and ONLY on the repair performed. For example, if we fix the power management system on the motherboard and 3 months later the wifi chip stops working, that would not be covered under our warranty because it's a different repair. The big reason for this limited, motherboard warranty is because there are many different, unrelated components that can go bad on a motherboard. Since most of these motherboard faults result in the same thing - a dead device - it's extremely hard to know that an issue is related to a past repair.

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