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New Motherboard Warranty Policy

TechUnwreck (like our parent company JCD Repair), has always offered an industry leading warranty policy. For almost all repairs we do a lifetime guarantee. The one exception has always been battery replacements because even a good battery will start to lose its ability to hold a charge after a year.

Now we are announcing that motherboard repairs will be warrantied for 180 days. The reason for this change is two-fold...

Lots of Components on a Motherboard

Lots of Motherboard ComponentsIf you've ever looked at a motherboard (see the attached picture), you will have noticed how many different components are located on the motherboard. It turns out all of them are essential to proper operation. Unfortunately, if just about any of these components fail it manifests in the same way - a dead device.

Different Components Can Fail

This means if we fix one of those components on the motherboard and it works forever, you may still end up with a dead device at some point in the future because another component fails.

Let's do a quick example...

Assume your wifi stops working and you send us your Chromebook for repair. We replace the wifi chip and everything starts working perfectly. A year later, the chip set that controls the video system goes bad and your screen stops working. This is obviously not related to the wifi repair and should be considered a new repair.

New Damage is Hard to Identify

Another issue with motherboard is that new damage can be hard to identify. Water damage is usually pretty clear but other things aren't. For example, let's assume we fixed the power management system on your device because it wasn't charging. Then 6 months later someone plugs the device into a faulty charger that blows the chip set again. Obviously this is new damage (not covered under our standard warranty policy), but that can be really hard to identify.

180 Day Motherboard Repair Warranty

For these reasons, we've decided to make our motherboard repair policy 180 days. Note that this warranty only applies to the particular part of the motherboard we fixed (ie: if we fix the wifi chip and a month later the video chip set fails, this would be considered a new repair).

Fortunately, it's rare this is even an issue. Most of the time, our motherboard repairs solve the issues and they stay solved forever. But as part of our company commitment to open & honest communication, we want to be upfront about this new policy and why we are doing it.

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