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Processing Fee for No Diagnostic Slip or No Problems Found

We invest time & shipping expense for every single device that comes into our repair depot, and we are happy to do the diagnostic work for free - with two exceptions:

  1. When the 5-second diagnostic slip isn't filled out.

  2. When there is no problem with the device.

We will now be charging a $10 processing fee for either of these two issues.

Why the fee?

It costs time & money to diagnose and ship devices to-and-from customer locations. The extra expense and delay created by missing diagnostic slips or devices that don't need repair leads to higher costs and longer turnaround times - something we all want to avoid. This processing fee is an attempt to recoup some of that cost so we can keep prices lower and encourage everyone to fill out the slips to reduce turnaround times.

That said, we completely understand that mistakes happen. Don't worry that you'll get charged a fee if everything isn't filled out perfectly. All we ask is that you do your best to let us know what's wrong with your devices so we can provide you the best service possible. After all, you most likely know why you're sending it in for repair and we'd love it if you could share that information with us. :)

5-Second Diagnostic Slip

We try to make things as easy as possible for you. To that end, we don't have long forms for you to fill out. Just complete the 5-second diagnostic slip we include for each device needing repair. We take care of entering all the other data for you (model type, serial/asset tag number, etc).

Our entire diagnostic system takes longer if this slip isn't completed. It can also result in us missing something even though we do a full test-pass on each device (for example, a battery that drains too quickly).

Taking time to diagnose each device.

No Problem Found

Another issue that arises from time-to-time is a device that doesn't need to be repaired. In these case, we have to pay to ship a device back and forth as well as a technician's time to test a device to discover nothing is wrong.

You may wonder why anyone would send us a device that didn't need to be repaired. The most common reason is a "dead" device that works fine once it's plugged in. The issue is often a bad charging adaptor at the customer site (or student's home). The problem would have been "fixed" if it had been plugged it into a known, good charger before mailing it out.

What if there is a problem you missed?

Just because the device is not showing any issues when we receive it does not mean there isn't an issue. Once in a while a device has an intermittent problem that doesn't manifest when we're doing our testing. If we mark it as "no repair required" and it comes back to us again, we will apply the $10 processing fee to the eventual repair we do (or refund the fee if we can't fix the problem).



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