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Our 5-Second Repair Diagnostic Slip

A key element in our efforts to make device repair as easy as possible is our simple, 5-second device diagnostic slip. 5-Second Diagnostic SlipWe don't ask our customers to spend a lot of time filling out forms: choosing device models, entering serial numbers, asset tags, or any other tedious information. Instead, we ask you to simply grab a pen and check off the repairs you need.

How it Works

The process is simple. When you receive a box of shipping supplies from us, there will be a diagnostic slip for each device you want to send for repair. There are a list of checkboxes with the most common issues (and an option for any non-common issues). Simply grab a pen or pencil and check each box that applies. Then slide it into the protective sleeve with the broken device. Once we receive your broken devices, we take care of entering the following information into our system:

  1. The device manufacturer & model.

  2. Serial number and & asset tag (if it has one).

  3. The repair(s) that need to be done.

After that, our technicians take care of getting your device fixed.

Why It's Important

These diagnostic slips help drastically speed up and improve the quality of our diagnostic process. We still do a full test pass but sometimes it's easy to miss something non-obvious (like a battery that doesn't hold a charge for long or some slight, physical damage). By filling out these slips, you help us:

  • Speed up the repair process.

  • Ensure we fix everything that needs fixing.

  • Reduce overall costs for all of our customers.



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