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Device Repair Made Easy

We provide a nationwide mail-in device repair solution for schools and businesses designed to simple, safe, and cost-effective. In business since 2008, we’ve unwrecked over 300,000 devices for 400 schools and businesses.

Does your organization have a fleet of Chromebooks, iPads, or Macbooks? We can help.


How Does It Work?


5 minutes,
and your work is done.

Request a repair. We’ll send you the shipping supplies with a pre-paid return label. Complete a quick-and-easy diagnostic form for each device so we know what to fix. Pack everything up, and ship it out.


The repair magic happens.

We've been in business since 2008, worked with over 400 schools & businesses, and fixed more than 300,000 devices. You can trust our expert technicians to do the job right.

Receive your tech,

Once your devices are fixed, we’ll pack everything up and ship it to you in a reusable box with another pre-paid return label. That means you'll have your devices back in working order, and be ready to send in the next batch for repairs.


Why Choose Us?

Over 300,000 devices fixed since starting business in 2008.

We work with over 400 schools & businesses.

A decade building a reliable supply chain that stretches from the US to Asia.


A lifetime guarantee on parts & workmanship for most repairs.

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An invaluable partner for Rocketship Public Schools. Our schools around the country are able to ship Chromebooks and get all sorts of repairs made quickly and affordably.

Carolyn Davies Lynch
Chief Operating Officer 
Rocketship Public Schools – Redwood City, CA

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